We are proud to have a wide range of world experts as collaborators for the trial.

These are:

leads an internationally competitive stroke rehabilitation research group who since 2002 have published over 50 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.   She is experienced in conducting large stroke rehabilitation trials

Dr Nick Ward has an international reputation for neuroimaging research.

has research expertise in structural ( MRI , DTI ) and functional ( fMRI ) brain imaging and brain stimulation ( TMS , tDCS ) in stroke survivors and healthy adults

leads innovative research in recovery and upper limb physical therapy after stroke.

has expertise in physiotherapy and measurement of motor impairment.

Dr Sue Hunter has clinical and research expertise in stroke rehabilitation.

Professor Roger Lemon currently has Wellcome Trust and MRC funding for research on control of hand function, including use of TMS for exploration of cortico-cortcal interactions during skilled grasp.

Professor John Rothwell has over 20 years experience with transcranial magnetic stimulation and is an expert in the pathophysiology of movement disorders.

Professor Alan Wing has expertise in behavioural and neurophysiological methods for studying sensory motor control of upper limb reach, grasp, grip and lift in normal and hemiparetic stroke participants.

Dr Chris Weir has over 15 years experience in biostatistics research, the majority of which has focused on applications in acute stroke.

Dr Alex McConachie is the Assistant Director of Biostatistics , Robertson Centre for Biostatistics , University of Glasgow.

Dr Garry Barton has conducted economic evaluations within a number of pragmatic RCTs .